Washington Times Op-Ed Compares Congress To Drug Addicts

In an August 1 Washington Times column, Wayne Allyn Root compared Obama and “his socialist cabal” to a “druggie who has abandoned his spouse, kids and job to snort crack cocaine 24 hours a day.” From the Times:

Can you even imagine blaming a rape victim for being raped or a terrorist victim for being murdered by terrorists? Of course not. In a sane world, the rapist and terrorist are blamed for the crimes, not the victims. But amazingly, blaming the victims is exactly what President Obama and his socialist cabal have been doing in the midst of the debt-ceiling crisis.

These out-of-control Washington spending addicts are exactly like the druggie who has abandoned his spouse, kids and job to snort crack cocaine 24 hours a day. Even though they've stolen from us, we do all we can to help, doing our best to get them into rehab. But because they don't want to stop snorting their drugs, what we get in return is hate, anger and blame. They accuse us of being horrible people for not willingly handing over more money to feed their spending addiction. They absurdly assert it's all our fault and that we've forced them to rob us at gunpoint. They scream that we are “extreme” while they keep snorting.

Only seriously delusional enablers can close their eyes to the fact that Mr. Obama and his fellow addicts have spent us to the edge of economic Armageddon and blindly refuse to see that it is the addicts on Capitol Hill who are irresponsible, dangerous, self-destructive and suicidal. They can't stop - they want more money, they deny they have a problem, and they think the answer to their addiction is more money to buy more drugs.

Like all addicts, they don't blame themselves for their addiction; it has to be someone else's fault. In this case, they blame the taxpayers and the Tea Party. It's our fault because we're not willing to give them more money to buy more drugs. Just like the crack addict, they think the answer is holding up the taxpayers at gunpoint for more money. The addicts are sick, insane, delusional and headed for death.

The only difference between a crack cocaine addict and the addicts in Washington is that the crack addict is suicidal, hurting only himself. Unfortunately, the addiction of Mr. Obama and Congress is destroying the American economy and enslaving our children and grandchildren to unimaginable debt for decades to come. This is a murder-suicide.


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