Wash. Times uses cold weather in December to call global warming a “hoax”

In a December 13 editorial, The Washington Times cited recent snow and cold temperatures to call global warming a “hoax.” As Media Matters has noted, scientists agree that short-term localized weather patterns are not relevant to global warming, and according to climate data centers, 2010 will rank among the hottest years on record.

From the Times' editorial:

The roof of the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome came apart Sunday after a blizzard dumped 17 inches of snow on top of the Minneapolis stadium. In the arena of public opinion, global-warming hucksters are seeing an even greater collapse under the weight of winter reality.


Global-warming hysteria, for example, has made Al Gore an extremely wealthy man. Like other outspoken advocates of the global-warming hoax, Mr. Gore lives in oversized mansions, flies on private jets and generally demonstrates behaviors that suggest he doesn't actually believe his own predictions of doom.

As a big chill sweeps the nation, hitting as far south as Atlanta and Mobile, Ala., policymakers in Washington should evict these rent-seeking global-warming mountebanks once and for all. The new majority in the House can start by repealing the bogus “green” technology subsidies, ethanol mandates and the ban on incandescent light bulbs. That would serve as a gift to the American people far more lasting and productive than a White Christmas.