Wash. Times' Knight: Obama Turned Military Into “Largest Homosexual-Sensitivity Training Unit In History”

In a September 23 Washington Times column, Robert Knight compared President Obama to Rodney King, complained Obama does not speak “on behalf of the United States” and claimed Obama turned the military into the “largest homosexual-sensitivity training unit in history.” From The Washington Times:

But the real message seemed to be Mr. Obama's taking the dais as king of the world. He touched on every theme imaginable to make “our children” happy, wealthy and wise. He talked about curing various diseases; stopping war and climate change; advancing science, prosperity and, yes, even homosexual rights, throwing in a line suited to a fundraiser in San Francisco.

Of course, with his converting the U.S. military into the largest homosexual-sensitivity training unit in history this week, why should we be surprised?


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