Wash. Times gives platform to lunatic Randall Terry

Readers of the Washington Times flipped to the op-ed section this morning to find a column authored by anti-abortion rights fanatic Randall Terry asking why Nancy Pelosi, who is a pro-choice Catholic, is allowed to receive Communion: “The logic is simple. The church teaches that abortion is murder. For a Catholic politician - such as Mrs. Pelosi - to promote murder while claiming to be Catholic is a grave public scandal, which automatically disqualifies her from receiving Communion.”

Terry, the head of Operation Rescue, has a tendency to pop up in the media whenever abortion reasserts itself as a hotpoint of national debate. Most of you probably remember his last series of outbursts following the murder of Kansas abortion provider Dr. George Tiller by Scott Roeder, who claimed he killed Tiller to save unborn children. Immediately following the killing, Terry released a video attacking Tiller as a “mass murderer” with “blood all over his hands,” and lamented not the fact that Tiller had been killed, but that he hadn't been killed properly: “Now we grieve for him, that he was shot in this deplorable manner and he did not have a chance to get things right with his maker, perhaps. Every man deserves a trial of a jury of his peers and then a proper execution.” Terry went on to say that Tiller “reaped what he sowed.”

And it wasn't the first time Terry has appeared to sanction the death of abortion providers -- in 1992 he was videotaped asking his followers to pray for the death of Colorado physician.

Randall Terry is a fringe extremist whose radically perverse beliefs lead him to condone violence against his ideological opponents.

And now he's spreading that ideology in the pages of the Washington Times.