Redundancy alert: WashTimes launches new right-wing blog

And please, don't hold your breath waiting for the Times to start a liberal one, not matter what the editor says.

Indeed, it's always fun to watch the WashTimes, proud GOP Noise Machine player, pretend it's not really in the club. It's always good for a laugh when the newspaper goes all-in on on purely partisan enterprises, and then take a tiny step back and announces it's really just a middle-of-the-road news org.

The schizophrenic, Who-us? shtick plays out in today's newspaper:

The Washington Times has launched, a Web site with technology that allows activists to talk up to ideological and party leaders and interact in innovative ways. - a joint online media venture from The Washington Times and the Heritage Foundation - is a tool to “reinvent the right” and help move the public discourse.

And, wait for it...

[Executive editor John] Solomon said similar Web sites that would appeal to progressive and moderate online readers are being considered.

Just give the WashTimes a few more weeks and they'll launch its new hub of the progressive movement, And no doubt it will be a joint venture with Center for American Progress, right? It will be the awesome-est tool ever to reinvent the left, right?

Well, actually that kind of site is merely being considered, if you want to get technical about it. But no doubt the Rev. Moon, the self-proclaimed sun of God and WashTimes owner, wants badly to become a major player in the progressive world.