Put away your checkbook, Washington Times is not for sale

It's reportedly never turned a profit with the Rev. Sun Myung Moon (who claims to be the returned son of god) instead bankrolling the right-wing daily newspaper's bottom line for years at a cost estimated at well over $1 billion, but president and publisher Jonathan Slevin wants you to know that The Washington Times is not for sale.

TPM's Justin Elliott reports:

In response to a claim on the Drudge Report that the Washington Times is “up for sale,” the company said in a statement that it is “not currently negotiating” a sale of the company.

“The Washington Times has been approached throughout its history with expressions of interest by parties interested in purchase all or part of the company,” said president and publisher Jonathan Slevin. “Contrary to online reports, however, the Washington Times is not currently negotiating with any party for sale of all or part of the company.”

Drudge is currently running an unlinked line of text that reads “SOURCES: WASHINGTON TIMES UP FOR SALE... DEVELOPING... ”

We followed up with Times spokesman Don Meyer to ask if he could comment directly on Drudge's claim that the paper is “up for sale.” Meyer responded: “The statement on Drudge is untrue.”

Give Slevin and his colleagues a break. After all, it's been a really tough year for the paper:

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So, this is what we're left with at the Washington Times

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