Kuhner: Obama “Injecting The Heroin Of Class Warfare And Socialism Into” America Will Lead To “Insanity And Death”

In a September 8 Washington Times column, Jeffrey Kuhner claimed that President Obama is a “reckless ideologue masquerading as a pragmatist” and is “injecting the heroin of class warfare and socialism into our national bloodstream” which will lead to “insanity and death.” From the Washington Times:

President Obama is politically insane. This is the real meaning of his speech Thursday night in front of a joint session of Congress. Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result. By that definition, Mr. Obama is a lunatic leftist.

Much of his speech called for more of the same - government activism; massive spending on infrastructure, bridges and roads; extending the payroll tax cut; and more public aid to states and municipalities. In short, he seeks to perpetuate the dismal policies of Obamanomics. He is a reckless ideologue masquerading as a pragmatist.


Mr. Obama is a man of the hard left. He deeply loathes everything America stands for - capitalism, limited government, individual freedom and Christian civilization. In particular, he despises our exceptionalism. His stated goal is to create a “post-American world” where the United States is simply one of many countries - no bigger, better or stronger. He exhibits a form of madness, a self-loathing, reminiscent of the late pop singer Amy Winehouse. Mr. Obama keeps injecting the heroin of class warfare and socialism into our national bloodstream. And he can continue to play on the biggest stage and boast a huge audience. In the end, however, it leads to the same result: insanity and death.

The column also featured Obama's face photoshopped on to recently deceased singer Amy Winehouse's body, with a sickle-and-hammer tattoo added to her body:

Washington Times' Obama Winehouse


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