After Wash Times news article ignores inaccuracy of Wilson's outburst, paper sends fundraising email on his behalf

This Washington Times article about Rep. Joe Wilson's outburst makes no effort to determine whether Wilson was right about Barack Obama lying. (He wasn't.) In fact, the Times devotes a couple of paragraphs to letting Wilson make his case:

Mr. Wilson further apologized Thursday for his outburst but defended his stance that the administration's health-care reform plan will include coverage for illegal immigrants.

Mr. Wilson said two amendments in Capitol Hill legislation that required proof of legal U.S. residence for heath care coverage were voted down by Democrats. He also said party leaders told him to apologize to the White House.

No mention of the fact that independent fact-checkers say Wilson is wrong. Not even a quote from a Democrat saying Wilson was wrong. Not so much as a hint that, on the facts (as opposed to the decorum) Wilson wrong.

So, then I open my email, and I see this message from the Washington Times to its readers:

Gee, maybe that has something to do with the Washington Times failing to tell readers Wilson was wrong?