Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin (Maybe) Gives Up On Mitt Romney


After a long period of dishonestly flacking for Mitt Romney, Washington Post conservative blogger Jennifer Rubin appears to have given up on him and is urging him not to run for president a third time.

In two recent blog posts, Rubin reacts negatively to the news that Romney is considering running for president in 2016. She writes that “another Romney run is preposterous” and that Romney donors and advisers pushing for a run “might want to rethink what they are doing.”

As New York's Jonathan Chait points out, “Jennifer Rubin, the political commentator most consistently loyal to Romney in the last cycle, has turned against him.”

During the 2012 campaign, nobody stuck by Romney like Rubin.

She hailed Romney's convention speech as proof “he can rise to an occasion,” said he was “more forthcoming on immigration” than President Obama and described Romney's campaign team as “skilled.” She said the presidential debates “recast the race and vaulted Mitt Romney into a position to win the race.”

Of course, when the campaign was over and Romney had lost, Rubin wrote a post that revealed she knew how dishonest she had been all along, admitting that the “convention speech was a huge missed opportunity,” describing the communications team as “the worst of any presidential campaign I have ever seen” and that Romney needed “more than a good month” on the campaign trail “to be successful.”

Rubin appears to be positioning herself to be a booster for former Florida governor Jeb Bush, who announced that he is exploring a presidential run. Rubin said “Bush's experience and inside knowledge of his father's and brother's campaigns may be an unappreciated asset” and described a Spanish-language video on his PAC's website as “quintessential Bush -- upbeat, policy-oriented and, yes, conservative.”

Considering her track record with Romney, how can we believe what she's saying now?