The Washington Post Now Carries The Newsmax Seal Of Approval

While some people may chafe at the Washington Post's tendency to provide a forum for bigots, uncritically pass along right-wing smears, and publish an opinion section that passes Richard Cohen off as a liberal, it's worth noting that the paper is getting some positive reviews. Here's Newsmax chief Washington correspondent Ronald Kessler:

Besides cutting costs, as outlined in my story Washington Post Has Become a Model for the Media, [publisher Katharine] Weymouth has turned the paper into a fair and balanced publication under Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli. Conservatives have taken notice. Readers now get a report they can trust. That has to be helping to improve circulation.

Given Kessler's praise of the Post as “fair and balanced,” you may wonder about his standards for fairness and balance. Well, as it happens, we know what his model is: Fox News.

Looks like the Washington Post's absurd pandering to the likes of Andrew Breitbart is paying off. Must be a proud day in the Post newsroom, to have a right-winger like Ron Kessler praise the Post the same way he praises Fox News.