Wash. Post article refuted its own headline on judicial nominee Boyle

A Washington Post article on judicial nominee Terrence W. Boyle appeared under the false headline “N.C. Judge Has Spent 15 Years as a Nominee.” In fact, as the article itself detailed, Boyle has spent only about five of the last 14 years as a nominee.

President George H.W. Bush first nominated North Carolina federal district court judge Boyle, a former staffer to former Sen. Jesse Helms (R-NC), to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit in October 1991. The Democrat-led Senate blocked his nomination, which was returned to the president in October 1992. As the Post reported, Helms was angry over the Senate's failure to confirm Boyle during Bush's term and protested by blocking several of President Clinton's 4th Circuit nominees. Clinton did not re-nominate Boyle, and eight years passed before President George W. Bush re-nominated him to the same court in May 2001.

To view the history of Boyle's 1991 nomination on the Library of Congress' Thomas website, check the civilian box, select the 102nd Congress and enter the name “Boyle” in the box under “Word/Phrase/Name,” and then click the “search” button to the right.