WaPo's Cohen accuses “leftists” of thinking “America is usually at fault in war”

Richard Cohen, the ostensibly-liberal, pro-torture, rapist-defending Washington Post columnist who famously sneered that "only a fool or possibly a Frenchman" could fail to agree with the Bush administration's case for going to war in Iraq, accuses unspecified liberals of thinking “America is usually at fault in war”:

The first linkage I can find of Palin with Poujade came in a Jonathan Raban article in the London Review of Books. Since then (2008) there have been others -- about 1,420 hits on Google -- and most recently a Feb. 2 essay in the New York Times by Robert Zaretsky, a professor of French history. He noted some differences between the Poujadists and the Tea Party folk and between Poujade and Palin, but he nevertheless found they had quite a bit in common. “The Poujadist movement . . . bears a close resemblance to our own Tea Party.” It was this statement that ricochets yet.

For some on the left, there was something oddly comforting in such a linkage. It validated their gloomy view of America as a country always about to veer to the hard right. It is a country I do not recognize, but never mind. To these leftists, America is usually at fault in war, greedy in commerce and controlled by either the plutocrats of Wall Street or the Babbitts of Main Street.

That's a line you'd expect Dick Cheney to write, but it comes instead from (allegedly liberal) Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen. And Howard Kurtz thinks the Post's opinion pages lean left.