WaPo contributor: Gays are sexist -- and your marriage may be fake

As I was saying: The Washington Post just loves gay-bashing. Here's WaPo On Faith contributor John Mark Reynolds:

Romantic love is spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical. It is what happens when a woman or man discovers that there are other humans, equally people, but different from self. This other “side” of humanity seems designed to complement our souls.

It is the deepest form of sexism to believe that women or men could be replaced in such a relationship. Whatever the survey says at the moment, men and women complete each other in a unique way.

So, if you're gay (or merely someone who thinks gay relationships are natural and legitimate) you're really guilty of “the deepest form of sexism.” Reynolds has previously used the platform granted him by the Post to compare gay rights advocates to racists and to call them “the hateful” and to refer to support for gay rights as “prejudice.”

Oh, also, married Jews and Muslims and atheists aren't really married:

There is no real marriage outside the Church of Jesus Christ for this reason: God is the end of marriage, for only an eternal and infinite God can contain the explosive fecundity that can come when the two halves of the Image of God are united and made one. A great reason to become a Christian is that only in Christ's Church can the male and the female find completion in each other.

Good to know.