Liberals not invited to Washington Post Q&A sessions

Today at 11, the Washington Post hosts Republican activist David Frum for an online Q&A. Yesterday, the Post hosted Republican former Vice President Dan Quayle for a Q&A. I have long had a suspicion that the Post hosts conservatives for such Q&A sessions more often than progressives -- recent examples include a right-wing lawyer with a skewed take on the constitutionality of health care reform and a right-wing professor whining about liberals being condescending.

So I took a look at the online Q&As the Post has hosted over the past three months, and pulled out the sessions that featured guest writers (rather than Washington Post staff) with clear ideological leanings (either broadly or on the hot-button topic they were addressing.) Here's what I found:


Politics: David Frum on conservatism's future

Outlook: Dan Quayle on the tea party, Palin and Ross Perot, April 5, 2010 Monday 12:00 PM EST, LIVEONLINE, 1596 words, Dan Quayle, Former vice president,

Outlook: Is health-care reform unconstitutional?, March 22, 2010 Monday 11:00 AM EST, LIVEONLINE, 3684 words, Randy Barnett, Professor of constitutional law, Georgetown University,

Megan McArdle on the final health-care vote and why she opposes reform, March 21, 2010 Sunday 2:00 PM EST, LIVEONLINE, 15 words, Megan McArdle, Staff Writer, The Atlantic,

Outlook: Could ignoring abortion cost Republicans the midterms?, March 15, 2010 Monday 9:00 AM EST, LIVEONLINE, 3502 words, Marjorie Dannenfelser, President, the Susan B. Anthony List,

Outlook: Would Reagan vote for Sarah Palin?, March 8, 2010 Monday 11:00 AM EST, LIVEONLINE, 1948 words, Steven Hayward

John Yoo: National security, executive power and the war on terrorism, March 3, 2010 Wednesday 1:00 PM EST, LIVEONLINE, 3313 words, John Yoo, Law Professor, Author,

Dick Armey on theTea Party movement: The new majority?, February 8, 2010 Monday 1:00 PM EST, LIVEONLINE, 3685 words, Dick Armey, Fmr. House Majority Leader (R-Tex.), Chairman of Freedom Works and Leader in Tea Party Movement,

Outlook: Why are liberals so condescending to conservatives?, February 8, 2010 Monday 11:00 AM EST, LIVEONLINE, 7022 words, Gerard Alexander, Associate Professor of Politics, University of Virginia,


Gay marriage in the District, March 10, 2010 Wednesday 1:00 PM EST, LIVEONLINE, 16 words, Rick Imirowicz and Terrance Heath, Same-Sex Couple,

Talk with Gov. Tim Kaine, January 13, 2010 Wednesday 10:00 AM EST, LIVEONLINE, 2080 words, Tim Kaine (D-Va.), Governor of Virginia and Chairman, Democratic National Committee,

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