Jennifer Rubin: Romney Surrogate Rallies To Romney

Washington Post blogger Jennifer Rubin is defending Romney's attacks on President Obama over the deadly assaults on U.S. diplomatic personnel in Libya, writing that Romney's position is drawing support from “conservative foreign policy hawks.”

Conservative foreign policy hawks, outraged at the media's circle-the-wagons reaction to the attacks on two embassies, are speaking out in defense of Mitt Romney.

Former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton tells Right Turn: “The perception of American weakness that provided the foundation for these attacks is largely because of Obama administration mistakes and lack of resolve. A repetition of 1979 in Tehran is nor fetched, especially given the weakness of Obama's statement this morning.” He dismisses the media storyline as pure boosterism: “The press criticism of Romney's statement is so clearly at the administration's behest that they are giving lapdogs a bad name.”

John Bolton is, of course, a Romney campaign surrogate. So the fact that he's defending Romney isn't exactly surprising.

Rubin also notes that a pair of American Enterprise Institute scholars are also rallying to Romney's side, as is Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC). But they remain in the distinct minority, as many prominent Republicans are showing reluctance to echo Romney's attacks on the president.