EXCLUSIVE: Wash. Post admits they should have identified Schoen as a former Bloomberg pollster

Earlier today, I pointed out that the Washington Post published an op-ed by Pat Caddell and Doug Schoen calling on President Obama not to run for re-election, without disclosing that Schoen has been a pollster for New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. As Bloomberg is considered a possible third-party candidate for president in 2012, the Post basically gave Schoen space to try to push his potential client's opponent out of the race.

A Washington Post spokesperson now tells Media Matters that the paper “should have also noted” Schoen's work for Bloomberg:

Because the piece sought to give advice to President Obama, the Outlook editors thought it was important to highlight the authors' experience working for former presidents. In hindsight, given the speculation about Michael Bloomberg possibly seeking the presidency, we should have also noted that Schoen was a former pollster for Bloomberg.