Debate Moderator Obliges Florida Mayors' Appeal To Ask Democratic Candidates About Climate Change

Karen Tumulty: “More Than Two Dozen Florida Mayors Have Asked Us To Raise ... Their Concern Over The Effects Of Rising Sea Levels And Climate Change In Their Communities”

From the March 9 edition of Univision's Democratic Presidential Debate:

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KAREN TUMULTY (MODERATOR): I want to move on to a subject that more than two dozen Florida mayors have asked us to raise with you. They have asked us to share with you their concern over the effects of rising sea levels and climate change in their communities. Just take a look at this map. You can see that no state has more at stake than Florida does and no city has more at stake than Miami -- the city in which we are sitting -- but many Republicans argue that this is not a man-made problem. Senator Sanders, is it possible to move forward on this issue if you do not get a bipartisan consensus And what would you do?


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