Still waiting for Michael Barone's Washington Examiner correction

It's been several days since we noted Barone plainly manufactured a claim in his Examiner column. But still no correction or retraction. Maybe the Examiner just doesn't bother with exercises like that.

The problem with Barone's column came when, when trying to prop up the right-wing meme that it was liberals who unleashed violence this summer at the health care mini-mob forums, he claimed “a union thug beat up a 65-year-old black conservative in Missouri.” Barone was referring to Kenneth Gladney, and whether he was “beaten” remains open to debate. (The police still have not pressed any charges in the case even though they know who the supposed assailants are.)

But suddenly Gladney's 65 years old? Oh brother. I understand why Barone wanted to emphasize that point; it makes the “union thug” seem even more heartless and scary. But in truth, Gladney is 38 years old. Barone was only off by 27 years. Sort of an important fact, no?

Question: Will the Washington Examiner columnist correct his obvious error, or does writing for the conservative Examiner mean you don't have to be bothered with such trivialities?

UPDATED: Since Barone's email address is attached to the bottom of his column, I'm sure he wouldn't mind if readers inquired about a possible correction.