Iraq War Anniversary Today! Who Knew?

My old boss at Editor & Publisher, Greg Mitchell, notes at The Nation Web site today that this is the seventh anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq. Little if any mention seems to have been made in most media, along with some seemingly incorrect assumptions about the war, he writes.

“What we have heard from commentators, again, this year is that the United States went to war with the overwhelming support of the public and the press,” he states. “Actually, this is a myth.”

Mitchell goes on to note other myths about the war, such as the assumption of editorial support for the cause: “The majority of papers ... remained deeply troubled by the position the United States found itself in. Even large papers such as the Los Angeles Times, the Oregonian in Portland, and Newsday of Melville, New York, which have long advocated (or at least accepted) using force to disarm Hussein, criticized their president as he prepared to send young men and women into battle.”