“Big News Orgs Help Bush Whitewash History Of Iraq War”

Writes Greg Sargent and TPM, and he's right.

He's referring to Bush's recent, semi-exit interview where he claimed the biggest regret of his presidency was the failure of the intel prior to the Iraq war. That bout of “candor” is what's made the headlines. But as Sargent points out, Bush's version of events is a whitewash of what actually happened, but the press isn't calling him out on his so-called candor:

Not a single one of their reports on the interview that we can find bothered to tell readers that there was plenty of good intel -- ignored by the Bush administration -- saying that Saddam wasn't the threat Bush was claiming he was. Nor did any of them bother mentioning that the weapons inspectors in Iraq were saying the same thing -- something that also went ignored.