Sean Hannity calls for a military invasion of Afghanistan

Hannity: “That’s not a great option, but that’s the only one we’ve got”

Sean Hannity calls for a military invasion of Afghanistan

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Citation From the August 24, 2021, edition of Premiere Radio Network's The Sean Hannity Show

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): [White House press secretary Jen] Psaki claiming no Americans are stranded — but Joe Biden himself said, but we can't guarantee the outcome. He put us in this position; it's an impossible position. I don't even want to have to ask our military men and women to -- to go in there and go behind enemy lines to extract American citizens. But what other option do we have at this point? 

That's not a great option, but that's the only one we've got that I see. Will they do it? Will they risk their lives? Yes, they're willing to do it. But if you don't make the call today, it's not going to meet the deadline that apparently you agreed to, Joe.

And that means that — even Adam Schiff acknowledges — Americans, you're going to leave them behind. Behind enemy lines, hostage to the whims of a terrorist organization. What part of that are you not understanding? The magnitude of which, this cluster that you have created, and put our fellow Americans in jeopardy for no reason. Totally, completely preventable.