Trump's “meme team” ally Brenden Dilley urges followers to “be guarding every mail-in drop box”

Dilley: “I think you need to be watching those drop boxes with your life. I think you need cameras and lawyers and people present. I think you need law enforcement behind you.”

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Citation From the July 9, 2024, edition of The Dilley Show, streamed on Rumble

BRENDEN DILLEY (HOST): They're going to try and insert a bunch of horrifically bad illegal immigrant ballots into regular voting. So how do you watch it? I don't know. Do you get involved? I don't know if it — is it too late to get involved in being somebody who does the, you know, vote counting? I don't know. I don't know if it's that. If it's a — it's a civics level there. 

I feel like it's a shock and awe campaign where you have to overwhelm them, where you have to basically be guarding every mail-in drop box, like, with your fucking life. I think you need to be watching those drop boxes with your life. I think you need cameras and lawyers and people present. I think you need law enforcement behind you. I think whatever relationships you've got to create within your local sheriff's department needs to be done now so the sheriffs' understand, “Hey, our county is one that's going to be targeted for fraud, and we need you to do the job that the federal government will not do in securing our elections.”

I just don't want to hear the declarations over and over again of what you think they're going to do every day without taking any action. If I'm discussing this with you guys, I'm also the one trying to propose something. I can tell you a few things that I've learned in the last few years of doing what I do and and going from being completely irrelevant in the corner of my bedroom to being somebody who obviously we're dominating, right? My name is constantly in the fake news media, and they're attacking me. I've received countless gifts from President Trump thanking me for my efforts, and then the meme team is at this point legendary.

One of the things I can tell you is there's strength in numbers and organization. It's not about looking to your left and right about what other people can do. It's about what you can do. It's figuring out — and sometimes what we need, we're lacking in this country, are volunteers, but we're also lacking leaders. A leader just stands up and goes, “Here's what I'm gonna do,” and then people will inevitably follow. So even if it's one of you standing up going, “I don't know what's legal and what's not legal, but here's what I plan on doing. I've identified where they're gonna have a drop box in my neighborhood, and I plan on sitting out there within 15 feet of that drop box and watching it, filming it, and essentially monitoring it. Now if you want to join me, that's great, but I'm going be out there 24 hours a fucking day. And if I had some other people, it'd probably be a lot easier if we took shifts.” 


You don't need permission, fucking you go take it. You just go — you go, “Who's going stop me?” And then you wait for somebody to call law enforcement. And law enforcement comes out and you say, “Please show me where in the penal code that I am not allowed to be within x amount of feet simply monitoring and filming of a mail-in drop box. You tell me. You show me. And if you can't show it to me, then I'm not fucking moving.” But it's always about forcing the opposing side to play defense. Always. Put the pressure on them.