On Steve Bannon's podcast, Mike Lindell says he is “canvassing” for voter fraud in 20 states

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Citation From the October 22, 2021, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room: Pandemic 

MIKE LINDELL (GUEST): The really interesting part is, you could pull a household. If you pull a household that has five people or below, it's usually very accurate about almost 100 percent. You go there, yes, all five voted, all five live there, you get up to six, up to – it could go all the way as high as 300. But, let's say you have 20 people living in this household and you look, or this house, and you look on Google Maps, because we pulled – the computer pulls it up, it's a little single dwelling, now you go out there and you find out only two people live there but they used all the other 18 people's names that they pulled there. Empty parking lots, I mean, you name it, it's on there. 

And then we show them that and we do canvassing. We're in 38 states now, Steve. Thirty-eight states where we are doing people on the ground doing canvassing and stuff. And each state, some are way ahead of others, some are – here we're getting to, there's a few I want to get to right away that are out there and –

STEVE BANNON (HOST): Hold on, hold on, hold on. Slow down. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow down for a second because this is breaking news and it's big. Peter Navarro's dictum is the canvas, not the count.

And by the way, Logan and the guys at Cyber Ninjas have a counter-report back to Maricopa County.


Mike Lindell, you've paid for and stood up canvassing operations in 38 states that are out in the field right now doing canvassing? 

LINDELL: Yeah, probably about 20 of them at the canvassing level -- we're working in 38 states now. We've put together, I have a information fusion center and everyone out there, you're all going – everyone out there, when we get this put up, you're all going to be able to go to your state, see exactly what's going on, see and how you can help out. We become the information center for the whole country.


Do you know Steve, you can do an audit in ten to fourteen days if there's no obstruction? You can do an audit, a full pathway, where they went through the machines, through the routers, everything. This is amazing, and it's like, look what they did to Arizona. You bring up Arizona, from – it was like going through mud from day one because nobody – everybody wants to protect these companies like Dominion and ES&S and Hart and all these people.