Steve Bannon says Democrats are trying to “steal” the Virginia governor's race

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Citation From the October 22, 2021, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room: Pandemic 

STEVE BANNON (HOST): Of everybody in MAGA in the Commonwealth of Virginia – it is absolutely imperative in the Commonwealth of Virginia you get out and vote before November 2nd or if you wait till November 2nd, you got to get out to vote that day.

Remember, Nancy Pelosi -- here's the game in Washington right now. They're working here nonstop. They understand they got to get everything voted on, jammed through, next week before the 2nd of November because that is when their dreams come to an end.

Either McAuliffe is going to lose or it's going to be so tight, right, you've got this thing in Fairfax where they're trying to steal it already because the Biden administration has collapsed. The Democratic party has collapsed because people see exactly what they're about -- this cultural marxism.