Steve Bannon baselessly claims New Jersey Democrats “right now figuring out how to steal” gubernatorial election

Big Lie promoter John Fredericks also touts “stop the cheat” efforts in Virginia: “If we had that right now in New Jersey, you might get a different outcome.”

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Citation From the November 3, 2021, edition of Real America’s Voice’s War Room: Pandemic

STEVE BANNON (HOST): In [New] Jersey, John Fredericks, as you know, they’re in South Amboy right now figuring out how to steal this. Right? The – [Governor] Phil Murphy is in shock about what’s happened in Jersey, and obviously in the Commonwealth of Virginia. John Fredericks, put it in perspective.

JOHN FREDERICKS: Well, look. Two things we learned last night with this victory. Number one, if MAGA voters turn out and they put their shoulder to the wheel, you can alter history, and that’s what they did last night. They ended the Biden agenda, the radical presidency, as we know it, by doing two things. One, they turned out in massive numbers. You know, Steve, we saw the turnout in some of the biggest Trump precincts we had, we’re at 90% voting, 88, 89% for Glenn Youngkin, that’s what put him over the top.

FREDERICKS: There was an infrastructure of “stop the cheat” in place — 500 lawyers, between the RNC and the Youngkin campaign, we had a hotline. See something, say something. We got over a thousand phone calls at the hotline yesterday. Every call answered, every one acted on. As soon as Fairfax County was going down, lawyers were on it, we stopped that steal. There were simply too many eyes on it for them to cheat. And that’s a big thing. If we had that right now in New Jersey, you might get a different outcome.

BANNON: Big time, big league.

FREDERICKS: But that’s the model, Steve, going forward.