Ric Grenell and Matt Schlapp flee in a van when asked by Jacob Soboroff to present evidence of their claims of voter fraud

Wild claims have been circulating in pro-Trump media. Grenell and Schlapp refused to present any evidence to substantiate them.

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Citation From the November 5, 2020, edition of MSNBC Live with Craig Melvin

JACOB SOBOROFF (NBC NEWS CORRESPONDENT): Hey, Ric Grenell, we're live on MSNBC right now. Can you talk about the evidence, you're claiming thousands of illegitimate votes here in Nevada. What's the evidence?

GRENELL (FORMER ACTING DIRECTOR OF NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE): You should go in and ask the question of the clerk of the county —

SOBOROFF: No, no, no, no, no.

GRENELL: Which you haven't done yet.

SOBOROFF: You guys just made the claim. No, in fact, you also said there's no election observers. There's Democratic and Republican election observers inside, Mr. Grenell — former DNI Grenell, acting DNI. Where is the evidence of the fraud? You haven't presented any evidence of fraud. They've presented no evidence of fraud, Craig. So we're live on MSNBC. You said thousands of illegitimate ballots — thousands of illegitimate ballots. Where are they? Where's the — Matt Schlapp, where are the illegitimate ballots? Where are the illegitimate ballots?

So, thousands of illegitimate ballots is what they are alleging. They have presented literally no evidence of that.


We know for a fact that there are Democratic and Republican election observers inside.


The reality is, Craig, what they have said here is supported by virtually no facts. From what we have seen on the ground here inside this facility, there is an observation happening. I spoke to an election observer this morning. They have now said they're filing in federal court a lawsuit to stop counting of ballots. They didn't say all ballots. They said stop the counting of improper ballots. So at the end of the day we're going to need to see as a matter of fact what the language in that lawsuit says. They have the former attorney general of this state, [Adam] Laxalt out here as well. And you just saw former acting DNI Grenell, Matt Schlapp, very familiar names out here in Nevada and across the county.

But again, presented without evidence, allegations of fraud here on the ground in Nevada as the count continues inside, and the vote margin is 8,000votes  at this point. And we expect a new dump of votes in just a little bit.

CRAIG MELVIN (ANCHOR): Well, that was interesting, to say the least. Richard Grenell, as you pointed out, the one-time head of the Department of National Intelligence, In charge of all the intelligence-gathering agencies. And now now he's there in Nevada, working on behalf of the Trump reelection campaign, I gather, Jacob Soboroff, is that right?

SOBOROFF: Yeah, that's right.