Pennsylvania radio host RJ Harris allows Trump to claim Democrats will use mail-in votes to steal the state

Trump: “Then they say we need 5000 votes to get their party in and they can take the 5000 votes from this field of votes that they are accumulating”

Trump on NewsRadio WHP 580: "This is a disaster waiting to happen"

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Citation From the November 3, 2020, edition of NewsRadio WHP 580's The RJ Harris Breakfast Show

RJ HARRIS (HOST): Pennsylvania is one of those states that is not going to start counting the ballots that come in after 8 o' clock until later and in some counties we are not even counting the ballots that come in before 8 o'clock until tomorrow. Where do we go on that? Is the GOP prepared to challenge that? I know the ballots have to be segregated.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Right. So our lawyers are very good. We have done a great job with much of it. The Pennsylvania decision from the Supreme Court was a, I thought it was a terrible decision. I think it's a very unfair decision. Possibly a political decision but I don't even see it being a good political decision. The election should be over on November 3. It shouldn't be extended because people need more time. No, the people that need more let them put their ballots in a week early. There is plenty of time to put your ballots in. And let them go in a week early, but to extend a date for, it could be two states you know there are different ways of interpreting things, but with Pennsylvania there is no question about it and they've gotten an extension. And the extension there was a gentleman on one of the shows and we're going to actually put it out, last night, a very successful pollster. Someone that has called it very accurately. He and others were talking about the fact that this will lead to almost guaranteed fraud. And it's almost like putting the leaders of Pennsylvania and the counters on an honor code. Well an honor code, I know those people, an honor code is not acceptable to us. There can't be an honor code because there is not a lot of honor. And what they have is a system that is going to delay the election.

Now it could very well be that Pennsylvania, we're going to need Pennsylvania to determine the winner. Last time it was amazing they didn't call Pennsylvania until late they should have, but, you know, Pennsylvania is such an important state. Highly political, and it comes into the equation most likely. And you are going to need Pennsylvania.

So you don't want to have to wait many days as they are putting in votes. Then they say we need 5000 votes to get their party in and they can take the 5000 votes from this field of votes that they are accumulating, and they say let's give 'em 5000 yes's, let's give 'em 5000 of a certain vote. This is a disaster waiting to happen and it's going to be, it will be fought. You talk about both sides. It can lead to bad things, very bad things, but it can also lead to a very bad decision, which in turn leads to bad things. And I hope that decision is going to be, through the wisdom of the Court, corrected. Because that is not a decision that was wise. That is not a wise decision. And you know exactly what I'm talking about. It puts the state in a terrible position but it puts the country in a terrible position. People are waiting to find out who won and you can't delay that for many, many days it could be, longer than we even think because there are scenarios under which it goes longer than you think. This is a terrible thing that happened, terrible thing. And I hope it's going to be corrected.

HARRIS: Well I want to tell you something I am a lot like Rush Limbaugh. I do live in realville, however, I am also the eternal optimist and with the enthusiasm that I see for you, Mr. President, including 35,000 in my hometown of Reading at the airport. It is my hope that you whoop them so badly tonight there is no question about it and tomorrow we will know that you have been reelected President of the United States.

TRUMP: Well that is the ultimate way to get out of that problem. You beat them so badly that it doesn't matter how many votes they are counting or not counting, by the way, in that case, we're not counting. But that is one way that it happens, you understand that. You know there is that scenario and based on what I am hearing even from other parts of the country but from what you tell me, you know, it's possible.