Tucker Carlson claims The View inspires white nationalist terrorists

Tucker Carlson claims The View inspires white nationalist terrorists


From the April 30 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

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TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): OK, last question, and now I'm being sincere. I was kind of yanking your chain a little bit. But isn't it time to stop with the racism and the white privilege stuff, attacking people on the base of their skin color? Could we just call a truce and just not talk like that anymore? 

QUENTIN JAMES (GUEST): Tucker, sincerely, I wish we could but what we've been seeing under this president is a rise in white domestic terrorism, a rise in white nationalism -- 

CARLSON: Do you have to attack white people? That's --

JAMES: No, I think it's the opposite actually. I think what we're seeing is that people like Dylan Roof are getting more radicalized right now under our president. [CROSSTALK] And what we want to see is a unifying in this country, and I look forward to that.

CARLSON: I wonder why when you have The View being like, "Even if you're really poor we hate you because of your skin color." You don't think that radicalizes people? Maybe a little bit? I mean honestly? 

JAMES: How we message these issues -- you know we need to get more specific and more direct. But --

CARLSON: And stop being so racist. That might help too, I think. 

JAMES: We're all looking for a more unified country -- [INAUDIBLE]  

CARLSON: Well I am. OK. Well on that point, I agree with you. 


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