Fox & Friends guest claims the Electoral College was designed "to give everybody a vote"

Fox & Friends guest claims the Electoral College was designed "to give everybody a vote"

In 1789, voting rights were generally restricted to property-owning white men, and no women or enslaved people could vote


From the March 22 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

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JEDEDIAH BILA (GUEST CO-HOST): We talk about the Electoral College. Just remind people why this exists in the first place. Why did the founding fathers believe this was so important?

DOUG WEAD (PRESIDENTIAL HISTORIAN): Balance. Checks and balance, and to give everybody a vote. I mean, we could have the mainstream media and Hollywood and Silicone [sic] Valley all just go to a ballroom at the Ritz Carlton in Santa Barbara, California, lock the doors, pick the president and the country would be at peace. But the people in the rest of the country get to participate too.


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