Lou Dobbs: Jeff Bezos should "just buy" the explicit photos from David Pecker and AMI

Lou Dobbs: Jeff Bezos should "just buy" the explicit photos from David Pecker and AMI 

Fox guest Mark Simone: The National Enquirer was "just asking Bezos to let up on them and not go after them. I don't know if that's even legally technically blackmail."


From the February 8 edition of Fox Business' Lou Dobbs Tonight

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LOU DOBBS (HOST): Jeff Bezos and the National Enquirer squaring off over pictures with his girlfriend, mistress, who knows what. Dalliance?

MARK SIMONE (RADIO HOST): Well, the description of the pictures makes it sound like they're pretty graphic, some naked pictures, some of that kind of stuff. 

DOBBS: His naked photos are wont to be.

SIMONE: It's never a great looking guy, either. It's always Anthony Weiner or Jeff Bezos. 

DOBBS: Well, it is an ugly and sordid accusation on the part of Bezos against the National Enquirer. Could it possibly be true? 

SIMONE: I think it's true. I mean, it's pretty much true -- now, he has these pictures. He sent them to the girlfriend. He's hired a massive bunch of investigators to figure out who did this. I'm not Sherlock Holmes, but I think I could figure out who leaked the pictures out. She might have given it to a girlfriend, somebody, and they gave it out. You'd have to talk to --

DOBBS: One report that I've seen, I -- but not verified, if I may be clear about this -- it was her brother who is a pro-Trump kind of guy. Sounds like a great guy. But, then accusing him of, well, revealing more than he should've about the relationship?

SIMONE: Again, I'm not Sherlock Holmes, but it sounds like, I think, we cracked the case here. I don't -- I'm not a lawyer, you'd have to talk to a lawyer. I don't know if this is actually even blackmail.

DOBBS: Lawyer, give me a lawyer, that's what I need, another lawyer. Why am I talking to Mark Simone? Lawyers are so much fun. 

SIMONE: Well, if you're not asking for money or anything in return, they were just asking Bezos to let up on them and not go after them. I don't know if that's even legally technically blackmail.

DOBBS: Why do you suppose Jeff Bezos, of all people, doesn't do exactly what he's always done: Just buy the thing. I mean, why talk about these little piddling sums. Just say alright, David Pecker, tell me how much you want.

SIMONE: Yeah, well, you know, listen. You said it, he uses The Washington Post as a vanity project. 

DOBBS: Oh my god, $250 million vanity project without operating costs. And there are eight anti-Trump stories every day. 

SIMONE: Listen, he should be kind of gone after here. But because everybody hates Donald Trump, they associate him with --

DOBBS: Not everybody.

SIMONE: Well everybody in the media. We love him, but they're going to associate David Pecker, the National Enquirer, with Donald Trump. They're going to make Bezos -- normally he'd be the villain, the richest man in the world. He'll be the sympathetic figure here. It's ridiculous. 


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