Sen. Amy Klobuchar passes George Will's sexist likability test

Sen. Amy Klobuchar passes George Will's sexist likability test

Will: "She​'​s not angry; she​'​s cheerful"


From the January 31 edition of MSNBC Live with Ali Velshi:​

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ALI VELSHI (HOST): ​​Well, as Democrats continue to throw their hats in the ring for 2020, ​the big question remains: ​Can they win over voters​, as Ali said,​ in key states -- like Michigan, Pennsylvania -- to beat ​President Trump​?​ ​Well, conservative commentator ​George ​W​ill argues there is one Democrat in that crowded field ​who has ​the best chance. ​You sitting down for this? ​He says it​'​s ​S​en. Amy ​K​lobuchar from Minnesota. ​She hasn't yet said she's running; nevertheless, ​George Will writes, ​"Klobuchar is the potential top-tier candidate most ap​t​ to resist forfeiting the general election​ while winning the nomination​.​"​ Syndicated columnist George Will joins me now. It​'​s a thoughtful piece, George, which is why I want to​ just sort of​ get it out of the way before ​everybody tweets me​ and says​,​ "Why are you talking to George Will about who he thinks who the best Democratic presidential candidate is?" ​B​ut you make a point​ that​ ​a​s somebody ​who has spent his life as a Republican, if you want to take on Donald Trump in the way that ​Ali Vitali just talked about ​and Sherrod Brown just talked about, ​why do you think i​t'​s Amy ​K​lobuchar? 

​GEORGE WILL (MSNBC CONTRIBUTOR): ​Well, go back to 2016. Donald Trump got indispensable help from the ​Democratic Party​. You nominated someone who​ had higher disapproval ​than approval ​ratings ​as she entered the general election. ​Two days ago, a poll came out ​that said 56​ percent​ of Americans say they definitely will not vote for Mr. Trump​.​ ​M​ajorities of urban voters, suburban voters, ​woman, ​Hispanics, ​B​lack, ​et cetera. ​Now, ​he​'​s in a hopeless ​condition unless the Democrats nominate someone ​who frightens people back into his arms. ​Now, ​if you have a bidding war​ among people ​trying to get to the left to please the outer shores of the ​D​emocratic ​P​arty's progressivism -- abolish ICE,​ abolish​ the Electoral College, ​pack the Supreme Court, ​free college, $15 minimum wage, et cetera, ​et ​cetera,​ et cetera --​ it​'​s still possible to drive people back into the arms of ​Mr. Trump. Amy ​​Kl​​obuchar is not like that. ​First of all, ​she​'​s not angry; she​'​s cheerful. ​Second, ​she​'​s ​M​idwestern​. The​ three states that ​really ​put ​Mr. Trump over the top ​and into the White House ​w​ere​ Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania​ -- Midwestern states​.​ ​Y​ou just showed us ​Sherrod Brown​ --​ ​i​t seems to me if I ​were the ​T​rump people​,​ I would be most terrified of a ​K​lobuchar-​B​rown or ​Br​​own-​K​lobuchar ticket​, it doesn't matter who's on -- the order you put them in​.​


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