Fox host: Michael Cohen guilty plea "means absolutely nothing" and "there is no Russia collusion here"

Fox host: Michael Cohen guilty plea "means absolutely nothing" and "there is no Russia collusion here"


From the November 30 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): What does [Michael Cohen's plea] mean, legally?


KILMEADE: Nothing? Nothing at all?

PIRRO: It means absolutely nothing. Look -- 

AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): So why did he do it?

PIRRO: So why did he do it? Because they forced -- this is what happens. People don't remember everything. People say things that they can't exactly remember. And then the prosecutors come in and they say you willfully lied. You said this before. And then you say, gee, you know, maybe I forgot. I'm not sure. Well you have to come up with a reason. Why did you lie? I was trying to align with his messaging. Here is the bottom line, Donald Trump is the one who provided this information voluntarily to Mueller regarding the Russia attempt at the tower development in Moscow. Donald Trump was not involved in the negotiation. His team goes in as they always do, whenever they go into a country to try to develop, you know, a building or a hotel or whatever it is that they're building. Now it didn't work out. He didn't do it. 

Let me ask you this. If the Russians were really intending to own Donald Trump so that they could get access to whatever they want in the United States, they would have made such a sweetheart deal for Donald Trump, that Donald Trump wouldn't have had a point or a choice other than to make sure that that deal went through. It didn't go through. They ended it, kaput. It's over. Now, Michael Cohen is a liar. He's an admitted liar in federal court, campaign finance and campaign debt, all that nonsense. What's amazing is nobody is talking about taxing medallions, which is the real issue where they could have sunk him big time. But they didn't. So what do they do? They bring this out to make it look like, oh there is Russia collusion. There was no Russia collusion in the dossier. There is no Russia collusion in the Donald Trump Jr. meeting at the tower. And there is no Russia collusion here. You show me how the fact that Michael Cohen said it ended, honestly it ended in June of 2017. 

KILMEADE: Not January. 

PIRRO: Not January 2016 I was off by six months. It doesn't matter when it ended okay, because nothing came of it. And, no, it doesn't influence anything. It doesn't show that the election was affected, that votes were affected, that emails were affected. 


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