Laura Ingraham bemoans ballots in different languages: "I thought we encouraged people to assimilate"

Laura Ingraham bemoans ballots in different languages: "I thought we encouraged people to assimilate"

Ingraham: "How is that, when you come to the country and you become a citizen, you still cannot speak the language? I don't understand that. That should be a basic requirement."


From the October 31 edition of Courtside Entertainment Group's The Laura Ingraham Show:

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LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): It is quite a fossilized environment in that polling station I went to. And I don't wear the "I voted" sticker. I mean, this is not, like, Iraq circa 2000 where you have to have the purple finger. OK, we get it, you voted. "I voted." OK, fine. 

And, by the way, when I was there, I sent out -- I believe I sent out a picture of the welcome sign as you walked in. So it was in Korean, right? It was in Spanish, of course. English, and then another language I didn't even recognize. I don't know what the other language was. I got to get someone to tell me what it is, I'm usually pretty good. But I think one was Korean, Spanish, English, and then there were two other languages I didn't recognize, I believe it was. Anyway, I tweeted it out. 

When Raymond [Arroyo] and I were in New York for the presidential election in 2016 or 2012, I don't even remember now, maybe it was 2012. But there was -- I think there were 15 languages on the sign. 

RAYMOND ARROYO: Yeah, yeah, on the outside the polling place. 

INGRAHAM: Arabic, Farsi, Senegalese -- excuse me, is that a language?

ARROYO: Yeah, well, again, I don't know why, and it should be that voting requires speaking and reading English. 

INGRAHAM: Does anyone have the -- 

ARROYO: I mean, it's nice that we have the, you know, like the -- what I call the "it's a small world" final tableau, where you have all the hello's and goodbye's in the language -- you know, the independent language. But are these -- let me see, do you have a little voting -- oh my gosh, Laura has now presented me with a -- I guess a ballot, and one is entirely in Chinese. 

INGRAHAM: Constitutional amendments, proposed Constitutional amendments, and, this is Virginia. And there's --

ARROYO: Vietnamese. 

INGRAHAM: Vietnamese, sorry. It's one in English, one in Spanish, is that Vietnamese --

ARROYO: Vietnamese and Chinese. Korean, this is Korean. 

INGRAHAM: That's Korean, that's not Chinese. I think. 

ARROYO: Yeah, it's Korean, this is Korean, this is Vietnamese, this is Español, and Inglés.

INGRAHAM: So I actually think that's progress, we only have four -- other than English, we only have three languages. So what do the other folks do?

ARROYO: Where's the Arabic? They have to have Arabic? They must have Arabic. 

INGRAHAM: There was not Arabic in this particular polling station. 

ARROYO: Oh, they mustn't be living in northern Virginia where I lived for so long. There were just a lot of Arabic speakers, and Arabic -- and people from Africa. 

INGRAHAM: But, what I don't understand is, I thought we encouraged people to assimilate. How is it that, when you come to the country and you become a citizen, you still cannot speak the language? I don't understand that. That should be a basic requirement. Little kids are always going to learn it, so you don't have to worry about children. But, if you're an adult, and you become a naturalized citizen, and you can't read the name of [Sen.] Tim Kaine or [Republican Virginia Senate candidate] Corey Stewart, what? That doesn't seem right.


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