Tomi Lahren tells Fox & Friends viewers that they are "in danger"

Tomi Lahren tells Fox & Friends viewers that they are "in danger"

Lahren: "So, yeah, the average citizen, if you're on the right, should be concerned and in danger"


From the October 9 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): Joining us right now is the host of Fox Nation, Tomi Lahren. She's seen the left's attacks firsthand, and they're ugly, aren't they, Tomi?

TOMI LAHREN (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): They're ugly and they're getting worse. And I just have to say, for the record, I've been dox-filed. I've had things sent to my home both in Texas and now in California. I have had people confront me in public. So this is not just something that our senators and representatives are going through, it's really anyone who sits right of center, anyone who's a Trump supporter, we're all targets of this, and it extends beyond those that hold public office. So, yeah, the average citizen, if you're on the right, should be concerned and in danger.


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