Jesse Watters defends “alt-right” affiliated Senate candidate, then says “I don’t know who he is”

Jesse Watters defends “alt-right” affiliated Senate candidate, then says “I don’t know who he is”

Watters: “He doesn’t want to abolish ICE, that I know”


From the July 5 edition of Fox News' The Five:

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RICHARD FOWLER (GUEST CO-HOST): I think that the Republicans are running their fair share of far left -- far right candidates, including Corey Stewart, who is an "alt-righter" out of Virginia, who is the nominee for Senate, who is -- literally pals around with racists.

JESSE WATTERS (CO-HOST): He doesn't want to abolish ICE, that I know.

FOWLER: But -- so, you are okay with endorsing a racist for Senate?

WATTERS: I don't know who he is, and I don't know his position --

FOWLER: Well, if he's running for your party for Senate --

WATTERS: Well, I am not a Virginian --

FOWLER: -- and he uses the words -- and he uses the words "Yankees" and "southerners" --

WATTERS: I live in New York.


DANA PERINO (CO-HOST): I would say that one big difference -- you make a good point about Corey Stewart, but it's not the exact same. It was Tom Perez, the head of the DNC, who said [Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez] -- she's the future of the party. Ronna McDaniel has not said that Corey Stewart is the future of the Republican Party.

FOWLER: Well, the president tweeted about him. I mean, isn't the president the head of the party?

PERINO: Well, I don't think that he tweeted about him since that -- the primary --

FOWLER: He's tweeted about him after he won his primary, and said "Congrats, and look forward to you winning."

PERINO: Let me just say, I am not for him.


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