Fox panel touts Trump's preparedness and "gregarious, outgoing" personality ahead of North Korea talks

Fox panel touts Trump's preparedness and "gregarious, outgoing" personality ahead of North Korea talks


From the June 11 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:

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BILL HEMMER (CO-HOST): Secretary [of State Mike] Pompeo has been very impressive in this whole process. Every time the man speaks, I listen to him very carefully. He speaks with meaning when those words come out of his mouth. However, Chairman Kim and President Trump go into a room by themselves and their translators before anything else happens. What is President Trump like in an initial meeting like that, David?

DAVID BOSSIE (FORMER TRUMP DEPUTY CAMPAIGN MANAGER): President Trump is an incredibly gregarious, outgoing individual. His personality is such that he's very engaging, and he speaks to people on a personal level. And I think that he's going to use this opportunity to try to get to know what is inside of Kim Jong Un and get to understand a little bit about where he's coming from more than just the briefings that he gets. So I think that's going to be a big opportunity for this president to come away with an understanding of who he is and what he's about and that's just very similar to [former President Ronald] Reagan and [Russia's Mikhail] Gorbachev. That's what happened in that first meeting long before [the] Reykjavik [summit of 1986], a year before. They had a meeting where they just got to know each other. Good things came from it. It took a little while. 

SANDRA SMITH (CO-HOST): It's a great point and it's one thing how the president's going to go into this, right Colonel? It's another thing how he's going to read Kim Jong Un. Heading into this, in his preparation, he said a lot of this is going to be about attitude and reading Kim in this meeting.

MICHAEL WALTZ (FORMER ADVISER TO VICE PRESIDENT DICK CHENEY): That's right. Well I think it's critical, and the president also said that he's going to be able to determine in the first few minutes and get a sense is Kim Jong Un serious, or is this yet another page out of his father and grandfather's playbook to buy time and to stretch these negotiations out?


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