Fox's Napolitano claims there's evidence to support Trump's idea that the FBI tried to pass information on his campaign to Clinton

Fox's Napolitano claims there's evidence to support Trump's idea that the FBI tried to pass information on his campaign to Clinton

Napolitano: "Every day we seem to hear more and more to support the president's argument" that Obama spied on him


From the May 23 edition of Fox Business' Mornings with Maria:

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ANDREW NAPOLITANO (FOX NEWS SENIOR JUDICIAL ANALYST): The president's concerns are grave, and they are this: the Obama administration used the tools of intelligence and law enforcement to spy on a presidential campaign in order to pass that information on to the adversary. Thanks be to God it didn't work. But the means that the president says they used, and every day we seem to hear more and more to support the president's argument, are profoundly violative of American values and of the Fourth Amendment. 

MARIA BARTIROMO (HOST): And I feel like anybody on both sides of the aisle should be upset by this. 

NAPOLITANO: Absolutely.

BARTIROMO: This is not about Donald Trump. This is about America and the rule of law. 


NAPOLITANO: Could you imagine if the CIA or FBI under George W. Bush did this to candidate Senator Obama and passed that information on to Senator McCain? Oh, come on. 

BARTIROMO: Terrible.

DAGEN MCDOWELL (FOX BUSINESS NETWORK CONTRIBUTOR): Yeah. If basically FBI informants and spies were infiltrating, as the Wall Street Journal editorial recently pointed out, infiltrating or making buddies with Reverend Wright or Bill Ayers during the 2008 campaign. Can you imagine if that was going on?

NAPOLITANO: Well I don't have a problem with them making buddies with people because they gather intel from all sources. But James Clapper and John Brennan appear to have organized one of the most massive assaults on civil liberties under the guise of safety. If you listen to the rest of what he said at The View, it's that hey, we're in the Trump campaign to protect them from the Russians. Did you tell them that you were there?

BARTIROMO: This is the thing. This is the thing. They keep saying oh, we were spying because of Russia, but there was no evidence -- why? What gives you the right to spy on somebody because you say they're involved in a Russia campaign. [Rep.] Devin Nunes [(R-CA)] has told us there was no intelligence used to actually launch a campaign against Donald Trump. There was no official intelligence used to launch this investigation. 

NAPOLITANO: I've been arguing for 40 years because FISA's 40th anniversary is this year – it came out in 1978 -- that the whole FISA apparatus would bring us to this. It is too easy to get a search warrant. The temptation is too great to get one. The FISA court doesn't second guess the people that ask for the applications. They know they can get it in 15 minutes. They know they can get it on anybody. Look at what it has brought us today.

BARTIROMO: Yeah. And we haven't really talked a lot recently about the texts from Peter Strzok. But we know what Peter Strzok told his girlfriend, Lisa Page. "We need an insurance policy." "President Obama wants to know everything we're doing." These are damning quotes. 

NAPOLITANO: We know the ideological bias of the people who did all this. They can't even deny that. 


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