Ben Shapiro: Media outlets "are acting as propaganda arms for Hamas"

Ben Shapiro: Media outlets "are acting as propaganda arms for Hamas"

Shapiro: Commentators discussing civilian deaths "would prefer the Israelis stop existing" 


From the May 15 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): Ben, first off, do you feel as though the coverage has been balanced, like, for example, we just showed you? 

BEN SHAPIRO (EDITOR IN CHIEF, THE DAILY WIRE): No. I think that there's so many media outlets that are acting as propaganda arms for Hamas that it's actually quite incredible. Hamas has not been unclear about their intents here. They have been saying for weeks they want to send literally 100,000 people to storm the border with Israel. Hamas has been obvious, they say we want to break in, we want to kill Israelis. They're not hiding the ball here. And the media are hiding the ball. The media are playing propaganda wing for a terrorist group which has made clear their intent. There are people storming the border attempting to kill Israeli soldiers, sending kites with incendiary devices over the border, flinging Molotov cocktails at people who are manning the border, flinging stones at people manning the border. And the Israelis are acting with their usual restraint and the media are treating this as though Israelis are in indiscriminate fashion killing civilians. It's just a lie, but the media have been doing that for years. 

DOOCY: Ben, what do you think of the people who were in that soundbite montage right there would prefer the Israelis do?

SHAPIRO: The answer is that they would prefer the Israelis stop existing.


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