Lou Dobbs: Eric Holder made the DOJ into an "organized criminal element"

Lou Dobbs: Eric Holder made the DOJ into an "organized criminal element"


From the March 19 edition of Fox Business' Lou Dobbs Tonight:

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LOU DOBBS (HOST): It's important for everybody to think back to -- you know, where do Mueller and Comey come from?


DOBBS: They come from the stable of Eric Holder, who had, in the Clinton years his earliest -- in, the earliest influences on them, and then to track their career over the course of a quarter century. This is a -- this is beyond a network of corrupt, politicized cronies. This is -- this is something close to some sort of organized criminal element within Department of Justice --

GORKA: It's a conspiracy.

DOBBS: -- Working against the very purpose of the department.

GORKA: Lou, It's a conspiracy. These are individuals who have committed felonies. None of them should be in the positions that they hold.


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