Fox's Chris Wallace suggests Democrats "set the president up" by putting sensitive material in Democratic memo

Fox's Chris Wallace suggests Democrats "set the president up" by putting sensitive material in Democratic memo

The memo was unanimously approved for release by Republican-led House Intelligence Committee

From the February 11 edition of Fox Broadcasting Co.'s Fox News Sunday:

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​CHRIS WALLACE (HOST): While Democrats are suspicious that the president is using the secret intelligence excuse to block the memo, they also seem eager, willing, to work with the FBI and the ​Justice Department to clear up any concern​s​​ so they can get their memo out.

RACHEL BADE (POLITICO): Yeah, that's right. It sounds like Republicans on the Hill are at least saying they are supportive of releasing this memo at some point in time. [House Speaker] Paul Ryan has said he wants it to be out there for transparency's sake, and I think Republicans are worried that if they don't release this memo, or the president blocks them from doing so, that it will just undercut their entire purpose for writing the initial memo, which was to highlight what they say was potential civil liberty obstruction, civil liberty -- infringing on civil liberties of Americans. So, I do think it's going to go through at some point. The FBI also said they needed to redact certain information, so I think Democrats are willing to look at that, and then they're going to of course send it back up to the White House. If the president rejects it then, I think you'll see even more partisan bickering, but I think until then, we're going to see them working together to get it out.

WALLACE: What about the argument that the Democrats in a sense set the president up, that they purposely put stuff in there they knew was unacceptable because it would make the president look like he was blocking it for political reasons when in fact the FBI and Justice Department say there is too much sensitive material there?


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