Ranking Member of House Intelligence Committee to Trump: "Stop watching Judge Napolitano on Fox"

Ranking Member of House Intelligence Committee to Trump: "Stop watching Judge Napolitano on Fox"

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA): The country would benefit if Trump “were watching cartoons in the morning” instead of Fox & Friends


From the January 11 edition of CNN's The Lead with Jake Tapper:

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JAKE TAPPER (HOST): Did that tweet hurt the efforts of those who wanted that reauthorization bill to pass? Which it ultimately did? 

CONGRESSMAN ADAM SCHIFF: Absolutely. And early this morning when those tweets started coming in, I also asked that we hold off because it created so much of a cloud of uncertainty about among other things what was the administration's position on this bill, so yes, he almost doomed the bill, if I could make one national security recommendation to the president it would be stop watching Judge Napolitano on Fox, this may be the only time where the country would benefit from the national security point of view if the president of the United States were watching cartoons in the morning instead of something else. 


CNN's Jim Acosta: Trump's FISA tweets raise the question, "Does the president essentially live-tweet his policy positions after watching [Fox & Friends]?"

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