Fox News host likens questions about Trump's mental capacity to birtherism

Fox News host likens questions about Trump's mental capacity to birtherism


From the January 10 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered:

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KATIE PAVLICH (CO-HOST): New York Times columnist David Brooks explaining why he believes the anti-Trump movement, quote, "seems to be getting dumber" and becoming less effective. Brooks writing, quote, "The anti-Trump movement seems to be settling into a smug fairy tale version of reality that filters out discordant information. More anti-Trumpers seem to be telling themselves a madness of King George narrative: Trump is a semi-literate madman surrounded by sycophants who are morally, intellectually, and psychologically inferior to people like us." Chris Stirewalt, the title of his column is "The Decline of Anti-Trumpism," which he says suffers from "low-browism." Explain what that means.

CHRIS STIREWALT (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): Fire emoji, fire emoji, fire emoji, fire emoji. Look, David Brooks is 100 percent right because -- and I wouldn't -- we don't want to pretend like this is only a phenomenon of the anti-Trump left. This was -- by the way, fair to point out -- about the same point in Barack Obama's presidency that birtherism cropped up and got real hot. Because part of it is "this isn't happening."


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