Fox's Pete Hegseth: There is a "bureaucratic conspiracy" against Trump

Fox's Pete Hegseth: There is a "bureaucratic conspiracy" against Trump


From the December 21 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered:

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PETE HEGSETH (GUEST HOST): This is a bureaucratic conspiracy. This is what it is starting to look like. You've got folks in government before the election, but the troubling part is [former deputy attorney general] Bruce Ohr met with them after the election. Why? After the dossier would have been deeply discredited. But if you'd done any research into whether [the Trump/Russia dossier is] valid or not, it's because it was, some believe, an insurance policy, as [FBI agent] Peter Strzok talked about in the text message with [FBI official] Lisa Page. 

MELISSA FRANCIS (CO-HOST): To go ahead and use it to get FISA warrants to spy to get anything you -- 

HEGSETH: To weaponize against the incoming president. To impune his credibility, which is exactly what they've done for the last year.


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