On CNN, Roy Moore spokesperson admits Moore "probably" still believes that "homosexual conduct should be illegal"

On CNN, Roy Moore spokesperson admits Moore "probably" still believes that "homosexual conduct should be illegal"

CNN's Jake Tapper repeatedly asks Moore spokesperson Ted Crockett what the punishment for same-sex relations should be


From the December 12 edition of CNN's The Lead with Jake Tapper:

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​JAKE TAPPER (HOST): ​Does Judge [Roy] Moore still believe that homosexual conduct should be against the law? 

​TED CROCKETT:​ The reason people support ​J​udge Moore in the state of Alabama is because he's a ​biblic​al​ly​-​based custom law of the ​Bible. The Mosaic English law. Homosexuality is a sin in the ​biblical sense. That is where Roy Moore is in the state of Alabama. 

​TAPPER: Well, does he believe that the Christian ​Bible should be the law of the United States of America? ​

CROCKETT: This country was founded on the Christian Bible​, founded on the Mosaic law, the Old Testament and the New Testament. ​


TAPPER: Here's my question for you, sir. Does he think that homosexual conduct should be illegal? It's a yes or no question.

​CROCKETT: Probably.

​TAPPER: H​e probably thinks homosexual conduct should be illegal?


TAPPER: ​And what would the punishment be for a man having sexual relations with another man or a woman having sexual relations with another woman​?​ What should the punishment be?

​CROCKETT: It's just a sin, ​OK? 


​TAPPER: ​What should the punishment be for two men having sexual relations? What should the punishment be? I understand you think it's a sin.

CROCKETT: I don't know. I am not going to make that decision.


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