Pat Buchanan: There's "no reason" for GOP to lose Alabama Senate seat "because something was done wrong 40 years ago"

Pat Buchanan: There's "no reason" for GOP to lose Alabama Senate seat "because something was done wrong 40 years ago"

Buchanan: "This is a kill shot aimed at Roy Moore ... to get rid of a Republican Senate seat in Alabama"


From the November 14 edition of Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto:

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NEIL CAVUTO: The other issue that comes up is this battle between I guess the establishment pad and the so-called renegade group that argue "Hey, this is our guy. Roy Moore is our guy." These renegade type, primary challenger types that are victorious are our guys. Does this slow that? Does the Steve Bannon approach to this get slowed?

PAT BUCHANAN: Well, I mean, quite frankly Steve Bannon has a heavy weighted investment in Roy Moore. But I will say I agree with some of those folks in Alabama. Look, this stuff comes out one month before the election. It's The Washington Post. They've been digging on this thing with all these folks. And the clear shot -- this is a kill shot aimed at Roy Moore. I'm not saying it's untrue, what they've been writing. But there's no doubt about the motivation. This is to try to get rid of a Republican Senate seat in Alabama. So I say, more facts are going to be coming out and I would just say, look, let the folks in Alabama decide this in December. If there’s [a] really horrible situation in January, Republican caucus can deal with that then. But there's no reason they should turn the Senate seat over to the party of Chuck Schumer because something was done wrong 40 years ago. 


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