Infowars' Paul Joseph Watson attacks Maxine Waters after she cited Media Matters research demonstrating Russian bots targeted her

Infowars' Paul Joseph Watson attacks Maxine Waters after she cited Media Matters research demonstrating Russian bots targeted her


From the October 31 edition of Genesis Communications Network's The Alex Jones Show:

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PAUL JOSEPH WATSON: Maxine Waters has come out with another zinger. She’s now blaming Russian bots for disrupting a town hall and hanging posters outside a venue. Bearing in mind this is the same Maxine Waters that said she would take out Trump in a speech earlier this month, absolutely insane comment.


Absolutely incredible but what do you expect from Maxine Waters given her alarming nonsensical statements which come out on a regular basis.


Rep. Maxine Waters demands Twitter identify Russian-linked accounts that targeted her district

Russian propaganda on Twitter is infiltrating fake news websites

Fake news purveyors regularly cited a Twitter account revealed to be Russian propaganda

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