Fox host Ainsley Earhardt makes laughable claim that Fox & Friends doesn’t give Trump “soft interviews”

Fox host Ainsley Earhardt makes laughable claim that Fox & Friends doesn’t give Trump “soft interviews”

Earhardt: “I’ll come up with really hard-hitting questions”


From the October 17 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): How does it feel to -- and this is just a fact now, that the president of the United States of America, that you're his favorite show? There have been articles written, that Fox & Friends is his favorite show?

AINSLEY EARHARDT: Well, one of them. I think yours is too.

HANNITY: He -- I think he's watched a show or two, but --

EARHARDT: I love it.

HANNITY: It's cool, right?

EARHARDT: It's great, yes. You know, the mainstream media, or the liberal press will want to write an article about, you know, we give soft interviews, or we do that -- that is not true. The Vice President even told -- one of his folks that works for him told me that my interview was tougher than the -- he gave three of us interviews, at one point.

One was Matt Lauer, one was me, and I can't remember who the other one was. And he said that mine was the tougher one, out of all three of them, which I took great pride in, because I plan my questions the night before, I talk about it.

Sometimes I'll call you, and I'll say "Sean, can I run over the questions with you?," or I'll talk to people on my staff, and I'll come up with really hard-hitting questions, and things I think our viewers are going to want to know.

I don't want anyone to think it's a softball question, but I do want people to think we're fair, and I think we are fair.

HANNITY: Well, and you work very hard to get these interviews.


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