Fox contributor: "It's genius" how Trump "kind of comes off as a little bit of a madman"

Fox contributor: "It's genius" how Trump "kind of comes off as a little bit of a madman"

Charles Hurt praises Trump for vague comment to the press about “the calm before the storm”


From the October 6 edition of Fox News’ Outnumbered:

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CHARLES HURT: Going back to the comment that Mr. Trump made, the guy is a master of theatrics, creating anticipation, but he’s also -- I think it's genius the way he kind of comes off as a little bit of the madman. And if you're negotiating with someone like Kim Jong Un or Iran, having them really think this guy might be nuts is a good thing.

LISA BOOTHE (CO-HOST): And that’s what President Trump had promised us, right? Because on the campaign trail, he said that he wanted to be intentionally vague because he didn't want to tip off his hat on what we were going to do as a country in dealing with some of these rogue nations. And what's funny is it was reported not too long ago that Kim Jong Un is trying to figure out Trump, that he doesn't understand him. And he's been trying to reaching out to people here in the United States trying to -- who is this guy?


LISA KENNEDY MONTGOMERY (CO-HOST): There are people within the North Korean government reaching out to Democrats in the United States trying to figure out how this president works. 


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