CNN's Alisyn Camerota asks for two years of her life back when discussing Kushner's use of private email

CNN's Alisyn Camerota asks for two years of her life back when discussing Kushner's use of private email

Jeffrey Tobin: "The hypocrisy" of Trump team using private email after 2016 "is almost too perfect"


From the September 29 edition of CNN's New Day:

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CHRIS CUOMO (CO-HOST): On an ethical level, before we get to any legal exposure because of Kushner being part of that investigation, what is the rule about using a private e-mail account if I'm working in the White House?


WALTER SHAUB: The rule is you're supposed to use the government e-mail. 

CUOMO: Do you have to? Is it a mandatory thing? Can you also use -- can you get a waiver? Is there a way to disclose it? What's the deal? 

SHAUB: No, no. There's no waiver for it they're covered by the Presidential Records Act, which unlike the Federal Records Act that covers other agencies, mandates the retention of all work-related records. Now, they do have a policy to sort of be a catch-all when people violate the rule, they are supposed to forward copies of the e-mails to the White House systems. 

CUOMO: Just relevant ones or all of them? 

SHAUB: Well, all of them if they're work-related because of the Presidential Records Act. 

CUOMO: So there is some discretion. 

SHAUB: Only if they're work -- only if they're not work-related. The problem is if you go around using your private system, you're just inviting investigators to come to check your e-mail, your personal e-mail to see if you followed the rule to forward them to the White House. 

ALISYN CAMEROTA (CO-HOST): I thought we learned this less lesson, Jeffrey. Can I have the two years of my life back from the last presidential race? 

JEFFREY TOOBIN: Right. It is -- the hypocrisy is almost too perfect. I mean, every rally the chant was "lock her up" because Hillary Clinton, used a private server. 

CAMEROTA: A private server -- and is that different than using a private e-mail account? 

TOOBIN: I don't see how it's different. 


CAMEROTA: Honestly, you don't see a distinction between a private server and a private email account?

TOOBIN: No, absolutely not. The rule is either that you use government email or you don't.


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