Hannity: Sarah Huckabee Sanders repeated "everything I've been saying" about James Comey

Hannity: Sarah Huckabee Sanders repeated "everything I've been saying" about James Comey

Sean Hannity: Attorney General Jeff Sessions should "appoint a special counsel or at least begin the investigation" into Comey


From the September 12 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Look, I won't regurgitate everything Sarah Huckabee Sanders said, but it's pretty much everything I've been saying and I think you've been saying as it relates to Comey, and now on top of the new news about Comey basically having the fix in for Hillary and not doing an investigation, his statement kind of took me back.

JAY SEKULOW: Well, I mean, everything he said was not -- nothing he said was correct. 


HANNITY: Well, it also, to me, that very fact should open up the door for the attorney general, Jeff Sessions, to appoint a special counsel or at least begin the investigation into a matter that clearly was never investigated in a proper fashion and it seems collusion took place on a number of fronts.

SEKULOW: So, I don't know if you have to have -- I don't think you have to have a special counsel for this. I think this can be done within the Department of Justice. Should be a full investigation with FBI agents and Department of Justice lawyers supervising. Now for all we know, Sean, that could be going on.


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